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As a seasoned speaker, Janet conducts seminars on topics related to the support and promotion of Elders’ well-being.  Attendees from local associations, councils on aging, corporate-sponsored employee wellness programs and health centers learn concrete tools and simple strategies that ease their lives as caregivers.

More than 6 in 10 employed caregivers report the caregiving responsibilities affected their work performance.
Source: National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP

Family caregivers are saying:
“I do all I can to care for my parent, and I have responsibilities to my children and my work, too. I need tools and resources to help me manage all the details.” 

The average cost per employee for those with intense caregiving responsibilities is $2,441.
Source: AgingInfo USA

Company human resource managers are saying:
“It is vital to the success of our business that our employees find balance between their home and work life. Less stress at home means less stress at work.” 

Experienced Advice

With over 17 years as a geriatric care manager, Janet has extensive knowledge of the details, needs and choices associated with helping Elders age wisely and well.  With advanced training in Gerontology, Janet understands the complex issues associated with the health, social and financial aspects of aging, and with this broad perspective has the exceptional ability to assist families create and sustain a positive caregiving experience.

       At a time when more and more individuals are taking on the duties of “parenting their parents,” Janet is providing communication strategies to ease this emotional process. By offering these workshops, UMass is providing employees with the communication tools to help them adapt successfully to certain life transitions.”
- Dr. Linda Marchesani, Director, Workplace Learning and Development, UMass, Amherst
       I’m so glad to have Janet Bunce as a resource for my clients who need expert assistance with keeping company productivity levels high when many of their ‘sandwich generation’ employees are struggling with the demands of caring for older family members. For groups and individuals, Janet is able to offer wise and practical counsel.”
- Dr.Barbara Reinhold, Business/Executive Coach

Popular seminar topics include:

Communication Skills For Understanding The Needs Of Elders
Managing Medical Information
Talking To Your Parent’s Doctor
Hiring In-home Help
New Technologies To Use At Home

Contact Janet to speak to your employees or group about caring for Elders.

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