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Our connections to family, friends, and community enrich and bring meaning to our lives. When Elders’ unique needs are met, they are freed to enjoy these connections and be nurtured by them.

My services assist in navigating the complexities of eldercare. I provide care management, communication skills training, and guidance with housing selection to provide ease for Elders, assurance for families, and enhanced efficiency for health care providers.

It is my mission to partner with Elders, their families, and health care professionals to promote and protect Elders’ health, happiness, and safety. 

Using all of my experience and knowledge to help you, the caregivers, find relief in knowing that your Elders will be revered and taken care of. Together we will make informed decisions that maximize their health, happiness, and safety.

Being mindful of your Elder’s needs for self-determination, while ensuring that their health and safety are not at risk.

Advocating for your Elder with doctors and health care providers to make sure they are heard and respected, and receive the care best suited to their needs and preferences.

Providing expertise in communication skills that help you, the caregivers and care providers, get to the underlying and unexpressed feelings and concerns of your Elder and help make your care giving efforts more productive and less



      You made it possible for us to rest easy, knowing she was in your hands. My mother was so relaxed with you – a special gift you brought to her.”

- client’s daughter,

Holyoke, MA


From the first, Janet seemed to be at home in our house. She has a comfortable, easy way about her, a gentleness and patience that my mother warmed to instantly.


- client’s daughter, Cambridge, MA


My Story

When I was a child, I believed I would grow up to be a nurse. My dad was a doctor, my mom was a nurse. Dinner conversations revolved around patients and their symptoms. Medicine became my native language, and...

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