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What is a Patient Advocate? 

How can a Patient Advocate help you stay healthy?

When it’s your health at stake it’s hard to stay calm and focused so you can be confident you are making informed decisions. That’s why people are turning to professional Patient Advocates to help them navigate the arduous road of healthcare and stay healthy.

So many questions, so little time.  Is this how you’re feeling about your next appointment with your doctor?  Would you rather feel empowered and less frustrated instead?

We all know the American healthcare system has become more complex and fragmented and the cost of medical care is increasingly falling on us, the consumer. Our fears and frustrations continue to grow in response.

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     I was anxious about my appointments. Janet helped me clarify my questions and the outcome I hoped for. I felt much clearer about what my doctors said and they welcomed her presence.  She spoke their language.” 
Ms. H., Amherst

As your Patient Advocate I will accompany you to appointments with your doctor, help them go smoothly, and result in the outcome that meets your goals.

I will use my training and expertise to help you:

Prepare for your appointment.

Convey your needs and concerns.

Stay on track and get your questions answered.

Understand the next steps you need to take



With me as your Patient Advocate you can save time, worry, and money, and concentrate on taking care of your health.


Janet is a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.

Click here if you would like to speak with us about becoming your Patient Advocate.

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