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The Society of Certified Senior Advisors

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors is the organization that certifies professionals in various fields that serve seniors. The website provides extensive information on the role of Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) and their educational qualifications, as well as a database for familes seeking a CSA in their area.
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Highland Valley Elder Services

The mission of Highland Valley Elder Services, Inc. is to “Assist people taking charge of their lives and communities for quality long living.” The organization is an indispensible resource located in Florence, MA. They are connected to the Administration on Aging and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and serve as a referral source for a comprehensive array of assistance available to Elders and their families in Hampshire and Hampden Counties.
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Lotsa Helping Hands

One of a growing group of websites, this site functions as virtual community with the purpose of helping families, friends and others share in caring for a person of any age with any disability. It’s a novel idea and one proving to serve an important purpose. A personal website within this website is devoted to the person receiving care and becomes a central place for coordinating and scheduling activities such as visits, preparing meals, rides to appointments and for sharing information and updates.
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Family Caregiver Alliance

The purpose of the Family Caregiver Alliance is to support caregivers by providing online discussion groups, trainings, newsletters, fact sheets and more. The organization also advocates for the needs of family caregivers locally and nationally through research and education. It is a very comprehensive and valuable site.
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NIH Senior Health  The National Institute for Health, a government agency, provides information on this site with a specific focus on senior health. Included is basic health and wellness information in a very clear, easy-to-use format including lists of links to articles by health topic. It is a simple and easy to navigate website and readers can choose the option to hear the information read aloud.
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Dr. Pat Romney

Doctor Pat Romney is a clinical psychologist located in Amherst, MA. Specializing in geriatric psychology, she is a unique and much needed resource for local families with Elders. On her blog, Dr. Romney shares heartwarming stories, experiences, and insights relating to the lives of elders.
Dr. Romney’s Blog
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The National Family Caregivers Association

The National Family Caregivers Association supports the interests and rights of family caregivers through education and advocacy. The site provides useful tools including guides, webinars, forums and a network of volunteers.This association is clearly a very well organized and proactive organization and valuable resource.
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The Azheimer’s Association

This is the central website for Alzheimer’s Association which provides essential information and resources for dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. It includes a blog, weekly news, message boards, support groups and free online classes. It also provides links to local Alzheimer’s Association offices. The Alzheimer’s Association is “the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer research.”
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A terrific resource for caregivers of Elders, this site is full of information and links to other sources that offer an extensive array of practical help. It also includes articles, tools such as a “Custom Care Guide,” and an opportunity to ask questions of experts in the field. It serves as a wonderful online community of caregivers supporting each other.
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Harvard Health Publications

The Harvard Health Publications site offers a handbook titled: Caregiver’s Handbook: A guide to caring for the Ill, Elderly, Disabled… and Yourself.  This handbook, from a most highly respected source, provides valuable advice to caregivers on ways to organize and manage daily tasks, consider their own financial, medical and legal needs, and take care of themselves in the challenging role of caregiver.
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