Care Management

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Care Management

What’s it all about?

Having a trusted professional take care of all the details so an Elder’s needs for health, happiness and safety are met and they can enjoy their families, friends, and community connections that nourish them.


How does it work?

I meet with families to determine the goals and needs for caring for their Elder. In partnership with them, their Elder, and health care providers a customized care plan is created to address these needs. The care plan is put into effect and I oversee all aspects of it to make sure it continues to be effective and any changes or adjustments are made as the need arises. I will use all my experience and knowledge to make sure that your Elder’s:


Health concerns are managed

  • Medications are taken as prescribed.
  • Home care agencies, if required, are carefully selected and result in good fit with your Elder’s needs and preferences for care.
  • Services provided by home care agencies are monitored so your Elder feels at ease and continues to receive the best care.
  • Appointments with Doctors take place in a way that satisfies your Elder’s interest in having their concerns heard and acknowledged, and they receive the care they prefer and deserve.
  • Doctors’ orders for prescriptions are filled and directions for additional tests or appointments with other health providers are followed.
  • A communication link between doctors and families is maintained to facilitate the exchange of detailed, accurate, and timely information regarding the Elder’s health issues and status.
  • Conversations with Family members living close by or at a distance are frequent and ongoing so their Elder’s health issues can be discussed and informed decisions of necessary changes can be made and carried out.


Happiness is enhanced

  • The choice of housing, whether in the Elder’s home, a residential community or assisted living facility is carefully considered and well informed to determine appropriateness and suitability of the Elder’s needs and desires.
  • Participation in social events, activities or visits with friends is arranged if desired, to foster meaningful connections and discourage loneliness and isolation.
  • Engagement in favorite pastimes such as reading, listening to music or playing cards is encouraged and supported.
  • Ease and tranquility in the home environment is created and sustained to support your Elder’s overall well-being.


Safety is protected

  • Conditions in the home related to safety, such as adequate lighting, the elimination of falling hazards, the working condition of appliances, and the presence of smoke alarms, are assessed and necessary changes or modifications are made.
  • Recommendations from doctors and therapists for the use of canes and walkers are abided by to ensure your Elder’s physical safety.
  • Installation of assistive equipment such as grab bars, railings, and fixtures, if needed, is arranged for and completed.

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